Your team is unique, so don’t settle

for training programs that aren’t.

Our Specialties

Unlike pie-in-the-sky lectures or motivational speeches, AAI Training provides down-to-earth and practical experiences that enable emerging and elite leaders to maximize your ability to inspire and lead others towards common goals.

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Based on cutting-edge theory, yet implemented in highly practical and applicable ways, AAI Training provides Communication Skills workshops for the purpose of maximizing participants’ ability to understand and practice effective communication. The core principle to which all other facets connect is based in ensuring that messages are understood by receivers as intended by senders.

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Going far beyond simple concepts and clichés that only ring true in the mind, AAI Training brings true teamwork to life by facilitating rigorously tested programs that maximizing participants’ ability to collaborate effectively with others.
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Instead of advising on or recommending strategic plan content, AAI Training facilitated highly interactive processes through which you develop your own ideas. Moreover, the skills you learn along the way provide value well beyond the life of any plan you generate or agreements you make.
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While just about any personality or competency assessment could provide interesting insights, AAI Training only utilizes well-researched instruments with direct and valuable implications for effective leadership and team skills. Furthermore, our workshops provide shared experiences that maximize participants’ abilities to understand and leverage their own and others’ unique styles and traits for collective success.
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We have expertise in a number of other areas. Workshops designed and developed by AAI Training include those topic areas that are most appropriate for your team.
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We custom tailor your program after talking with you first.

One of the things that sets us apart is the time we take to truly get to know your team’s goals and challenges. We work closely with you to determine the best solution for your group.

When we first talk with you, we focus on a few fundamental questions. Your answers provide the framework for our program design.


#1 Who is your team?

#2 What are your challenges?

#3 What are your goals?

Our Programs are experiential,
which in a nutshell means…

Less of this



Passive learning

And more of this

  Active participation

  Lively discussion

  Learning by doing

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