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Workshops designed and developed by AAI Training include the topic areas and emphasis most appropriate for your team. Your agenda could include just a short teach-piece on one of these specialties or it could be a fully integrated half to full day agenda component.

Conflict Resolution  

Learn to embrace conflict as an opportunity to leverage differences for positive results.  Explore fundamental principles of analyzing and addressing conflict, including interest-based negotiating, collaborative problem-solving, and peer mediation.  Discover appropriate language and techniques to help you minimize unhealthy conflict and arrive at breakthrough solutions.


Emissary Process

Intradepartmental feedback provided in a helpful manner builds better relationships, contributes to effective communication and higher performance by all. This facilitated thoughtful form of feedback involves small group preparation followed by a fast-paced round-robin that allows for concise sharing and reflection opportunities.


360 Degree Insights 

This fully participatory method of obtaining feedback from those around you quickly dissipates apprehension and creates a forum that welcomes contributions from all. A self-evaluation acknowledges individual strengths and weaknesses before inviting comments from your peers, supervisors, and direct reports in a visual presentation that is comprehensible and helpful. 


Interpersonal Feedback

One of the most important components of positive company growth is the ability to share corrective and reinforcing feedback.  Consider methods that work equally well for both highlighting successes as well as identifying areas for improvement amongst colleagues.  Experience how effective feedback leads to positive behavior changes and a culture of honesty.


Feedback Systems

An organized and reliable system for providing feedback to direct reports takes commitment and time. We help you determine the topics that require feedback and the modes that may work best for your work team.


Effective Meetings

Make every meeting matter by planning and convening in ways that engage and use time wisely.  Enhanced meeting management skills give participants the tools to create a more productive culture in their respective work environments.



Craft a company narrative and convey it with fervor and style. Your business story needs to be told and we’ll help you derive and deliver a story that motivates, unites, influences, and truly makes a difference.


Emotional Intelligence

So much of what helps us build team esprit de corps and positive work relationships stems from an understanding of Self-Management, Social Awareness, Self-Awareness, Relationship Management, and Motivation. An on-line self-evaluation followed by practical exercises brings the facets of EQ alive and helps each attendee to develop an action plan for improvement.


Stages of Team Development

Every time a team goes through a change, whether it be adding new team members, losing a key player or working on a new project, the team must adapt. An awareness  of the team’s evolution through the Stages of Team Development helps the individuals to adapt their behaviors as needed. Each stage requires specific skills to maximize team effectiveness with the goal of achieving high performance.


Decision-making for Teams

Developing clear decision-making rules for your organization allows for more buy-in from the team which leads to autonomy, excitement, and productivity. Building understanding of individual roles in each decision gets rid of confusion or misunderstanding. Unilateral, consensus, and consultative approaches all have their place in your decision-making repertoire.


Problem-solving for Teams

On a daily basis, we must all employ problem-solving skills. The skills and tools shared in this workshop enable all team members to confidently uncover viable solutions by using a well-defined step-by-step process.  Foster a work culture where idea generation is prized and embraced.


Team Identification

A requisite to becoming a high performing team is an understanding of where the team is currently on the trajectory.  Are  the people involved actually a team with a shared purpose or actually a work group that reports in. In either case, protocols, best practices, and role clarification increases effectiveness, accountability, and solidarity.


Active Forum

Involve and enthuse your employees in a process in which ideas are encouraged, freely shared and vigorously stated. Transform your company or department in a way that triggers extraordinary idea generation.  We take the productive conversations that often happen off the radar to the forefront.


Breakthrough Trek

Taking your team away from the conference room to an outdoor setting encourages brainstorming and sharing ideas – especially focusing on difficult topics. Whether conducted as a physically challenging climb up a trail or a relaxing stroll along the beach, Breakthrough Treks facilitate thoughtful sharing in pairs and small groups as we guide purposeful discussions centering on pre-arranged topics. Walking side by side makes honest conversation easier with the open trail providing both confidentiality and discovery.


Facilitated Meeting 

We encourage participation by planning the agenda, guiding the conversations and keeping the meeting productive. Our experienced, professional and personable facilitators bring about key outcomes by allowing leaders to contribute unreservedly and leading a process in which initiates ideas and encourages resolution.


Hybrid SWOT

Build a culture that welcomes employee feedback and engagement by providing a forum for everyone to weigh-in on continuous improvement measures. Our Hybrid SWOT Analysis fast-tracks change by ensuring commitment to implement the ideas and insights generated.  This abbreviated SWOT keeps the discussion targeted and provides a structure for immediate follow-through.


Planning for Transition (Change Management)

By incorporating the proper tools and skills, you can lead a team or support co-workers through transition planning and change. Each of us views change differently and we need to create a pathway to bring everyone on the team successfully on that journey. Accept changes that are foreseeable with well thought-out plans and develop skills to manage those that are unexpected.


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Workshop

Our interactive MBTI workshop utilizes a time-tested tool and enjoyable experiential exercises to identify personality preferences in ourselves and our team. Understanding and appreciating the differences of each team member allow us to increase  work team cohesion.  By finding ways to use these differences as strengths, a team multiplies its ability to communicate fully and collaborate.



The DISC behavioral assessment enables your team to understand distinct behavior styles and foster teamwork by modifying communication and attitudes.  Because DISC theory highlights behavioral changes based on environment and perception, you may find that you do not easily identify with one style and this awareness helps each person understand how they fit into the puzzle of team effectiveness.


Strengths Performance

Employees tapping into their strengths are much more likely to be engaged and committed. Strengths Performance curriculum reveals talents as the stepping stone to too often untouched qualities that can contribute to a happier employee who can freely perform at a higher level.

Our Training Methodology

Rather than relying on PowerPoint presentations and lectures, expect highly experiential, elicitive approaches for instilling knowledge and developing skills.

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Group Types & Context

We tailor our leadership workshops for many types of groups. Likewise, we customize our programs to address particular contexts and purposes.

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