Training Methodology


Rather than relying on PowerPoint presentations and lectures, expect highly experiential, elicitive approaches for instilling knowledge and developing skills. Through a series of custom-designed challenges, participants face increasingly difficult (yet enjoyable!) scenarios that call upon effective collaborative leadership skills in order to succeed. The facilitator(s) provide short presentations along the way, including revealing helpful models, tools, and tips. Most importantly, the facilitator(s) carefully guide participants through reflective pre and post-activity debrief discussions aimed at uncovering wisdom and strengths within the group. Such lessons are tracked and fed back in the form of a post-program report, followed by additional conversations about strategic follow-through. Key aspects of the methodology include:

  • Non-formulaic; every program is customized to the group
  • Inclusive and participatory activities conducive to full engagement
  • Practice activities and scenarios
  • Enjoyable and memorable experience
  • Tailored to abilities and interests of team/group
  • Deliberate sequencing of activities; skills developed incrementally
  • Optional multi-program series for ongoing development
  • Ongoing support, including optional leadership coaching

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