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Unlike pie-in-the-sky lectures or motivational speeches, Adventure Associates provides down-to-earth and practical experiences that enable emerging and elite leaders to maximize your ability to inspire and lead others towards common goals. The hallmark benefits of our leadership development programs include:

  • Increased knowledge AND skills—especially grounded in collaboration and communication
  • Increased ability to derive wise decisions by leveraging diverse perspectives
  • Improved ability to apply various leadership styles appropriate to a range of situations
  • Improved observational and analytical skills (ability to see what’s needed)
  • Improved ability to lead in a personalized, authentic manner rather than following formulas
  • Renewed energy, excitement, and inspiration to improve
  • Increased self-awareness and confidence resulting from focused practice
  • Deepened relationships and authentic connections with colleagues

Current Workshops

Collaborative Leadership

Leadership is a combination of skills applied across diverse activities and during different situations and circumstances. Guiding your team through the process requires a leader to effectively wear different hats at different times.

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Effective Communication

It’s easy to take communication skills for granted and dismiss them as part of the routine communication we do every day without thinking. But there are hidden costs for doing that and they’re steep. At the heart of all our actions and interactions, professionally and personally, it’s those same seemingly mundane communication skills we don’t think much about that determine our success or failure.

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Reading People Like a Pro with the MBTI®

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® history and research dates back nearly a century. While the tool itself is over seventy years old, we’ve made it more relevant and constructive than ever. These plain-English, common sense and entertaining Myers-Briggs workshops build upon individual assessments of how preferences color our perceptions and define influences, interests, needs, values and motivation.

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