Millennial Consultants Build Peer Network

and Leadership Skills at IBM

Client Successes

Client Need

Recent business school graduates spend 2 years learning about their Fortune 50 IT  firm’s culture and expectations while simultaneously getting to know other consultants from around the country and adding to their project  management toolkit. This session needs to keep their interest and provide skills that are quickly transferrable to work.

Our Design

Two days that combine active learning with theory. The makeup of the groupings is switched often just like the project team work they do out in the field. Topics apply to the need to quickly build cohesion with clients and other consultants.

Clear Results

  • Positive evaluation feedback from participants for the last six years
  • Clients impressed by knowledge of team dynamics and project management that these consultants offer.
  • Stronger desire to network and support with other consultants that are geographically dispersed.

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