Laying the groundwork for a collaborative endeavor

between two teams at Genentech

Client Successes

Client Need

Faced with a collaborative endeavor between a User Team and Engineering Team, with both groups sharing accountabilities, getting to know one another and solidifying communication practices was of utmost importance. The two teams needed to ensure smooth cooperation on their project such that good manufacturing practices and commercial production were maintained and improved upon.

Our Design

We used the DiSC model as a way to examine the effects of individual behavior on team dynamics. Moreover, we focused on participants better getting to know one another to help facilitate communication and to increase cohesion in the newly formed team. Likewise, we organized activities that emphasised knowledge sharing and consensus building.

  • DiSC workshop
  • Team challenges to explore concepts of personality in relation to collaboration

Clear Results

  • Participants were able to experience the support of their fellow team members during challenges.
  • The importance of collaboration and planning were highlighted through the activities.
  • The team realized the importance of open communication and made commitments to facilitate this free-flow of information.

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