Efficiently On-boarding Plant Managers

at Milgard Manufacturing

Client Successes

Client Need

Quickly onboarding a new plant manager, if done well, means that the plant leadership team gets to know him and vice versa. Because the senior staff all juggle many responsibilities they wanted to agree on solid team norms and prioritize their commitment to this particular team.

Our Design

This three-day workshop  utilized highly experiential elicitive approaches for instilling knowledge and developing skills.  Through a series of team simulations, participants faced increasingly challenging situations where solutions depend on applying effective leadership and team skills.  Facilitators provided guidance along the way, including revealing helpful models, tools, and tips.  Most importantly, the facilitators moderated reflective pre and post-activity debrief discussions aimed at uncovering wisdom and strengths within the group.  

Day 1

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®)
  • Build a Boat simulation

Day 2

  • Conflict Resolution Strategies and Tactic
  • Cooperative Problem-solving and Mediation
  • Team Performance Challenges – interactive team exercise

Day 3

  • GeoTrek practical scenario (large group outdoor navigation scenario)
  • Next Steps: Action Items and Intentions

Clear Results

  • A more cohesive leadership team with renewed commitment to operating as a “real team”.
  • Improved awareness and skills for effective communication among the team members
  • Each individual left with clear action items specific to improved leadership and teamwork.

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