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With years of experience running corporate training programs and workshops, AAI Training brings a wealth of experience to the table — and we know how to create an engaging experience. Rather than boring lectures and keynotes, we’ve always focused on experiential learning. What this means is that we focus on immediately jumping into practicing what we teach, not just scribbling notes to be reviewed at a later date, if ever.

AAI Leadership Team

Ed Tilley, Director & Co-Founder


For over twenty-five years, Ed Tilley has facilitated purposeful professional development programs driving teamwork and enriching relationships. To each he brings a seasoned perspective and an entrepreneurial approach that elicits new levels of confidence and trust. With a thirst for adventure, he thoughtfully guides participants through profound learning experiences as unforgettable as they are fun. Ed Tilley is a coach that leads by example and puts people and relationships first.

Important elements distinguish his approach and explain his remarkable track record of success. Ed is right at home in everything from half-day workshops to multi-day executive retreats to adventurous settings for teambuilding events. His strategies reflect a burning dedication to help every client win at the game of business with skills and tools that are practical and sustainable. The very tools he’s used to build AAI Training, because Ed Tilley practices what he teaches, every day.

From the beginning, an innate curiosity of what’s possible has fueled a spirit that is both enthusiastic and innovative. Ed is no stranger to responding quickly to a team’s changing needs, even during workshops and events. His clients continue relying upon him for strategic coaching and execution long after their workshop, team building event or retreat.

Rebecca Tilley, Director & Co-Founder

At the heart of everything Rebecca Tilley does is respect for the power of learning and recognition of the remarkable achievement people are capable of with the right guidance and tools. By combining her deep background in educational consulting with a passion for learning and outdoor leadership, she deftly facilitates the broadest imaginable spectrum of interactive workshops and teambuilding events. All hugely effective but each is accessible, fun, and a memorable experience.

Guiding teams with the same thoughtful professionalism that has characterized the skilled stewardship of her own rapidly growing company for over two decades, she understands the process because she lives it. Perhaps even more critical, Rebecca understands people, proactively engaging and teaching leadership and professional development skills, and providing participants the tools to sustain what they learn in the workplace and then seamlessly integrate them into their personal lives.

Comfortable in environments ranging from small tightly-focused groups to powerful programs with hundreds of participants, Rebecca thrives on challenges that unleash professional potential along with personal rewards. Always eager to innovate and create, she views business – and life – as adventures waiting to be discovered that will unlock potential to achieve breakthroughs that achieve client goals.

Shawn Dunning, Director

A seasoned trainer, facilitator, mediator, leadership coach, and public speaker, Shawn Dunning has served thousands around the world to resolve conflict and develop their collaborative leadership skills. His style is fueled by a blend of challenge and fun, and his passions for problem-solving, personal development, and team development is grounded in his expertise in communication, psychology, and conflict resolution. He is a leading expert in adventure-based conflict resolution.

On a mountaintop or in conference center, Shawn’s approach leverages highly experiential methods as he facilitates engagements in ways that participants uncover their own wisdom, solutions, and potential for high achievement rather than via traditional teaching or lecture techniques. Whether working with aspiring individuals, intimate teams of senior executives or elected leaders, Shawn always employs appreciative inquiry practices, which drive success based on discovering and leveraging nuggets of what works rather than avoiding the plethora of what doesn’t.

Given his experience working with diverse groups in diverse places, Shawn is always ready for unique challenges and thrives on the seemingly impossible, which is why so many clients continue to invite him back, year after year. He believes that anything is possible, and he is always willing to go the extra mile to make it happen.

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